Share Our Stories, Spead Hope.
To support the ongoing work of Kitesong Global to set dreams free all over the world, and receive any 4 books, I would like to contribute
$60 USD
$100 USD
$200 USD

Currently, we are able to ship books within USA.
For Canada, Singapore & other destinations, please write to us with a special request. 

To request for books for your organization or community-in-need,

please contact us directly!


Every Dream Set Free
Without the support of generous donors,
Kitesong Global's books would not be made possible.
Through our partners & programs, we give our books away to communities-in-need
around the world to
ignite hope, inspire faith and set dreams free. 
Every year, we embark on a journey of faith trusting for funds to print, translate and develop transformational programs for the disadvantaged and hurting.
As friends like you join us,
we can help set every dream free.
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