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Do you have an idea for collaboration? Or wish to use our resources to bless your community but are not sure how?

Here's What We Offer

We offer transformational toolkits that empower educators, healthcare providers and community leaders to conduct your own programs to bless your community.


Each of them can be customized according to your needs.

Children Programs


Children deserve to engage in fun activities that impart wholesome life values to them.


Our transformational toolkit

explores themes of love, forgiveness, hope, courage to dream, making a difference, identity & self worth

in a fun & engaging way. 


Suggestions for meaningful art and craft activities are also included.

 Youth & Young Adult Programs

Young people today face mounting challenges to find their true identity and purpose. 


Using an inspirational angle, 

our toolkit can be used by educators to create platforms of safe conversations for issues of self-esteem, identity, leadership, making a difference, redefining success and even boy-girl relationships.


These can be used in workshops, seminars, conferences, and small group sessions.


Therapy Programs


Together with experienced therapists

from treatment centers in the States, we have co-developed effective facilitation guides perfect for group therapy programs for clients struggling with eating disorders.



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Have A New Idea in Mind?

At Kitesong Global, we are all about new ideas.


If none of the above fit what you have in mind, drop us a note!

We love working together on new collaborations and believe in customizing every program for your needs!


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