Change Lives


Have a gift or skill?  Write to us! We believe there is no gift too small to share, as long as your heart is willing.


Most of all, we are looking for people committed and passionate to see the dreams of others set free. 


We are looking for people willing to give their time in: 
translation, graphic design, administration, animation, volunteer management, and more!

Volunteer Positions

Below are a few positions that we are seeking to fill at Kitesong Global. This list is NOT exhaustive. If you have a skill or gift you’d like to offer, please write to us!


A pre-requisite for all our volunteers is a passion for our mission and vision: to ignite hope, inspire faith and set dreams free all over the world. We value a culture of honor, love, trust and empowerment, and actively seek out people with these values.


We see our volunteers as being part of our Kitesong Global family, and seek to develop an open, trusting and close relationship as we desire to see you fulfill your destiny and dreams for your life.

Administrative Executive

We are looking for an Administrative Executive with a passion for providing administrative support in organization and communication, and to assist in various administrative duties.

Digital Marketing Executive

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Executive who is able to manage our social media and digital marketing strategies.

Graphic Designer

We are looking for graphic designers who are passionate about using their skills to create beautiful art for Kitesong Global to communicate its mission to the world. 


We are looking for animators with hearts to see our materials come alive in animation all over the world in different languages.


Currently, we are looking for translators who are fluent in both English and any of the following languages: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Thai, Burmese, Telugu, Mandarin, Khmer, Arabic, French, Tetum

Write to Us!
Apply to become a volunteer today. Tell us about yourself and what position you would like to help in.  We will get in touch with you shortly.

Thank you! Your submission has been received.

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