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Contribute to Our Causes Globally

As friends like you join us, we can help set every dream free.
*All amounts are in USD.
Our USA entity is a 501c3 that can issue tax-exemption receipts.
If you would like your funds to go towards a specific need, check "Write us a comment" and leave us a note.
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Where Our Global Funds Go



We empower disadvantaged children and women to pursue their dreams. Currently, we support 2 women from Touch Nature in India, which provides women with employment opportunities. 

our staff

We hope to fund our executive staff member who oversees the design and development of resources and programs for Kitesong Global.

Every year, we embark on a journey of faith, trusting for funds.

Without the support of generous contributors like yourself,

Kitesong Global's work would not be possible. 

Thank you for partnering with us to set every dream free.
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