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Our Books

Our books have transformed lives through their messages of hope and faith.


Through our books, our vision is to see every person fully inspired to pursue their dreams, and impact the world for greater good.

Our books are available for purchase at Faithworks Bookstore.


Kitesong is Wai Jia's first book, inspired by the dreams of girls she visited in Nepal.


Kitesong represents the dreams we each have to make a difference to others, to help others fly and sing their own kitesongs.

Through the powerful simplicity of its lyrical paintings and narrative, Kitesong has encouraged children and adults to pursue their dreams to make a difference to others.

A Taste of Rainbow

A Taste of Rainbow was born from Wai Jia's struggles with depression and anorexia through medical school. 


A lyrical picture book about a girl and her ice-cream, the story is a simple yet profound lesson about identity, healing and resilience.

A Taste of Rainbow has been used by educators, counsellors, parents and health providers to ignite hope, inspire faith, and raise awareness about mental health and eating disorders.

I Love You

A health crisis challenged Wai Jia and Cliff's decision to marry. Yet, they chose faith. I Love You was launched on their wedding day.

Through the story of a bear and a bunny, I Love You shares the struggles and simple truths about learning to love and forgive.


I Love You has been used as a resource for marriage conferences, workshops, family therapy, as well as wedding favor gifts. 


Wai Jia was encouraged to climb the ladder of success ever since she was young. Her worldview changed when she married Cliff, a liver cancer survivor and IronMan Finisher. She realized that life is brief and is to be lived purposefully. 

Savour beckons anyone who's grappled with fulfilling expectations to redefine ideals of success and rekindle lost dreams. 


Savour has been used in leadership workshops, career counselling, therapy programs, schools and universities.

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