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What We Do

At Kitesong Global, we empower people to discover and realize their dreams.


We tell powerful stories and create platforms that inspire hope and catalyze change.


We create facilitation guides with therapists for support groups and healing programs. 



We empower people to connect their deepest passions with the needs of our world.


We partner with grassroot organizations to create enriching curricula for camps, literacy, outreach, leadership programs and more.


 We empower vulnerable families, especially women and children through philanthropy, advocacy and education.


Our 3-part toolkits help create inspirational platforms for therapists, educators, social workers, parents and community leaders to lead conversations of growth, healing & hope.

They've been used for literacy, leadership, outreach and therapy programs in schools, social services, ministries, and treatment centers internationally, to ignite hope, inspire faith and set dreams free.


For Guides for schools, ministries, prisons, social services etc, please write to us directly.

Each Toolkit Includes:

1. An Inspirational

Video Message

Watch and listen to these riveting stories that will inspire you to dream again.

2. The Books

Read these beautiful books in hard copy or online.

3. Customized

Facilitation Guides

Use these to spark conversations of hope, growth and purpose for your audience.

How to Use the Toolkits:

With a step-by-step guide, we empower you to lead powerful discussions with your target audience.

1. Play the video message 

2. Read the book 

3. Lead the discussion using our customized facilitation guide 

The Kitesong Toolkit


These guides are often used to spark inspirational discussions on:


  • Pursuing One's Dreams

  • Making a Difference

  • Daring to Dream 



See Kitesong sample guide here.


The Rainbow Toolkit


These guides are often used among adolescents or clients to ignite hope on themes of:


  • Identity and Resilience

  • True Beauty and Security

  • Mental Wellness and Recovery


See Rainbow sample guide here.


The "I Love You" Toolkit

These guides may be used to spark  discussions on:


  • Family Trauma and Healing

  • Boy-girl Relationships and Marriage

  • Love and Forgiveness


See "I love you" sample guide here.


The Savour Toolkit

These guides are most effectively used among young adults on topics of:


  • Redefining Success

  • True Success vs True Significance

  • Finding One's True Calling


See Savour sample guide here.


For Guides for schools, ministries, prisons, social services etc, please write to us directly.

Do you have an idea for collaboration?

Or wish to use our resources to bless your community

but are not sure how?

Find out what we offer here and drop us a note!

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