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We share messages of hope and faith through our books. 


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Our toolkits create inspirational platforms for therapists, educators, social workers, parents and community leaders to lead conversations of hope, healing and growth.

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Wai Jia delivers talks and workshops at schools, universities, ministries and communities around the world. 

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Our Partners

We love working internationally! Our current partners and volunteers are from Singapore, USA, Brazil, Africa, Indonesia, Australia and China.

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A Glimpse at Some of Our Partners

Thank you for joining us in setting dreams free.

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From our books, we co-developed a group therapy resource for McCallum Place, a nationally-acclaimed center of excellence for eating disorder treatment with state-of-the-art eating programs. Wai Jia also does skype-ins for group therapy sessions.


Read our testimonials here.

McCallum Place

St. Louis & Kansas City, USA


We are translating our books into Portuguese to provide literacy & education for children at IRIS Global, an international NGO with 63 locations in 36 countries, that serves the poor and destitute.

Iris Global

Mozambique, Africa & Brazil

Iris Global.jpeg

Together with Symphony of Heaven, we are translating our books into Bahasa and developing curricula for literacy, music & educational children programs to reach the underprivileged in rural Indonesia. 

Symphony of Heaven

Mozambique, Africa & Brazil

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graclife square.png

GraceLife Network

St. Louis & Kansas City, USA

For a 3 half-day children's outreach program organized by Gracelife Network, we developed a customized children's camp for Baltimore's inner city street kids, and a family reading program for refugee families at Salaam Center.

Partnering National Youth Council of Singapore, we delivered inspirational talks to various junior colleges and held a public youth event challenging young people about redefining their ideals of success.

National Youth Council



We partnered with FINDINGbalance, an NGO that helps people find freedom through quality, Christ-centered programs and resources, through speaking at their Lasting Freedom online support program and their HungryforHope 2018 conference.

Nashville, USA


Together with Empower Counseling, we developed evidence-based programs and refining interventions for patients struggling with depression, anxiety and eating disorders using our toolkits. We are also creating evaluation tools based on evidence-based research.

Empower Counseling

St. Louis & Kansas City, USA

Empower Counseling2.jpg

Through speaking as a special guest on their Weekly Hope Facebook Live platform, Kitesong Global partnered Eating Disorder Hope™ , an organization offering education, support, and inspiration to eating disorder sufferers, their loved ones, and eating disorders treatment providers.

Eating Disorder Hope



Together with Nutritious Notions, we partnered to talk about the power of dreams amidst our struggles, through their Eating With Grace Podcast series

Listen to the podcast here.

Nutritious Notions

New York, USA

Nutritious Notions.jpg

At the Eating Disorder Unit's group therapy program, our Founder shared her story of courage and recovery alongside Kitesong Global's resources to bring hope & inspiration to recovering patients.

Credit Valley Hospital

Ontario, Canada


We worked with TOUCH to create a virtual reality program based on "A Taste of Rainbow". The VR project aims to educate students about eating disorders and mental health.


We are developing toolkits with the Ministry of Education Singapore to train educators. We are also creating a toolkit that provides a platform for sparking conversations between youth and migrant workers.

Ministry of Education


We've also delivered talks and workshops at several different schools, universities, ministries and communities around the world. 

You can join us too!

We love working together on new collaborations. We welcome you to partner with us to set dreams free.

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