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Christmas Joy for Children and Youth of Prison Fellowship Singapore

During the Christmas of 2020, our partner, LifeHouse SG, brought festive cheer to 62 children and youth of the Prison Fellowship Singapore community, whose beneficiaries include inmates, ex-offenders and their families.

LifeHouse SG packed Christmas presents containing cards of encouragement, hand sanitisers, masks, stationery, snacks, gadgets, and copies of Kitesong and I Love You books.

They went the extra mile to ensure each present was thoughtfully assembled for the children and youth aged 3 to 21, based on their age group.

Says Stephanie who leads LifeHouse SG,

“The books have themes of love, courage, letting your dreams take flight, and identity. These are really beautiful and nurturing themes for the children who were blessed by the books.”

Thank you, LifeHouse SG and Prison Fellowship Singapore, for showing love in action and spreading joy and hope this season!


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